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NHASP Executive Director Job Description

NHASP Executive Director

Job Description

 The Executive Director of the New Hampshire Association of School Principals is a full-time employee of the NHASP Executive Board whose primary responsibilities are to support and promote New Hampshire principals and assistant principals, to translate the policies and priorities established by the NHASP Board into programs, practices and activities and to serve as the representative of school building leaders throughout the state. To that end, it is expected that the Executive Director will be highly responsive to the needs of members and will conduct himself/herself with a high degree of decorum and professionalism.

Further, the NHASP Executive Director is charged with conducting the routine day-to- day operation of the association in accordance with the wishes of the NHASP Executive Board and is required to work with the NHASP Board in much the same way as a superintendent of a school district works with a school board.

Specific duties of the NHASP Executive Director are described below in a list that is not exhaustive:

  1. To provide professional oversight and management for the daily operation of the NHASP office by:
  • Supervising and evaluating any and all members of the NHASP staff and contracted personnel;
  • Overseeing the maintenance of all NHASP office files, databases, tax records, legal documents and any other document maintained at the NHASP office;
  • Supervising the annual mailing and processing of membership renewals;
  • Preparing materials, including an agenda, for meetings of the Executive Board;
  • Attending meetings of the Executive Board and providing a written report at each meeting about his/her work and the work of other NHASP staff under his/her supervision;
  • Preparing and distributing annually a “State of NHASP” report for members;
  • Working closely with the treasurer, accountant, CPA and administrative assistant in fiscal matters to develop the yearly budget and ensure the solvency and fiscal integrity of the association;
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of a strategic plan for NHASP;
  • Initiating efforts to generate non-dues revenue, in-kind services and grant money from corporate sponsors/partners and other funding sources;
  • Maintaining a file of retired members who have indicated an interest in filling interim vacancies and providing those names to districts seeking to fill interim vacancies;
  • Conducting and/or overseeing all routine NHASP business with NAESP and NASSP;
  • Participating in training programs for state Executive Directors provided by NAESP and/or NASSP (including the annual Executive Director Conference in May) to ensure the continued professional growth of Executive Director and the continued growth of the association;
  • Maintaining lines of communication with all major educational organizations in New Hampshire including, but not limited to: The New Hampshire School Administrators Association, The New Hampshire School Boards Association, NEA of New Hampshire, The New Hampshire Special Educators Administrators’ Association, Reaching Higher New Hampshire, The New Hampshire Learning Initiative and The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association.
  1. To communicate to NHASP members about the work of the Association and general educational issues at both the state and national levels by:
  • Maintaining and updating the NHASP website on a regular basis;
  • Overseeing and distributing regular e-alerts and other communication with the members, and regularly employing social media tools to communicate news of NHASP activities;
  • Maintaining and employing the NHASP Listserv to forward important and relevant electronic information in a timely manner;
  • Maintaining and updating a database of school leadership employment opportunities;
  • Supervising the preparation and processing of all correspondence for the association including billing, member information requests, survey responses, and NASSP or NAESP requests;
  • Performing and distributing the annual salary survey to NHASP membership.
  1. To oversee and maintain the Legal Protection Program for NHASP members by:
  • Retaining and conducting routine communication with a New Hampshire attorney specializing in educational issues to be consulted by NHASP members in need of legal advice;
  • Receiving and personally screening all calls from members who feel that they need legal services;
  • Providing counsel to members with legal questions or problems when a lawyer is not immediately available or not immediately determined necessary;
  • Referring members with valid legal questions or problems to a lawyer and following-up later to ensure that the legal question or problem has been addressed appropriately;
  • Finding another lawyer to assist members with legal questions/problems in cases when no NHASP lawyer is available or when it would be a conflict of interest for NHASP lawyers to take the case;
  • Reaching out to school leaders who are facing significant challenges;
  • Maintaining a confidential file for each case in which a NHASP member has requested legal assistance, especially those that have been referred to a lawyer.
  1. To ensure professional growth opportunities for NHASP members by:
  • Surveying/polling members each fall to determine professional development needs and work with the Board’s Professional Development Committee to create a professional development plan each year;
  • Arranging and supervising professional development programming at the Winter Conference and the Annual End-of -Year Conference;
  • Maintaining and supporting new principal mentoring and aspiring principal programs;
  • Working cooperatively with the Retired Principal Representative on the NHASP Board to plan, coordinate and conduct appropriate programming for retired members as well as for those planning retirement.
  1. To be an advocate for and a representative of school leaders in New Hampshire by:
  • Reaching out and visiting administrators in their communities with an emphasis on new principals;
  • Representing principals in general and NHASP members in particular on various statewide committees;
  • Working closely with the New Hampshire Department of Education to ensure routine two-way and on-going communication between NH DOE and NHASP;
  • Coordinating and overseeing all NHASP principal recognition programs in accordance with guidelines established by NHASP, NAESP, NASSP and the various corporate sponsors;
  • Overseeing and/or conducting various awards and recognition programs, such as the Prudential Spirit Awards, the National Honor Society, The Francis Wayland Parker Awards, the EDies etc.;
  • Speaking with and/or writing to the media as appropriate to represent the perspective and best interests of school leaders;
  • Attending the NAESP and NASSP national conventions each year in support of other New Hampshire school leaders at each conference.
  1. To ensure that New Hampshire school leaders are informed and prepared to be politically engaged in the state and federal legislative matters by:
  • Working cooperatively with the Legislative Committee of the Executive Board to develop and implement a legislative plan of action;
  • Providing routine communication with NHASP members about state and federal legislative matters;
  • Corresponding with state legislators and the New Hampshire Congressional delegation about issues that are important to NHASP members;
  • Testifying at hearings at the New Hampshire General Assembly when necessary;
  • Coordinating all lobbying efforts of NHASP and its members;
  • Participating in the annual NHASP visit to Capitol Hill each year to lobby the New Hampshire Congressional delegation.
  1. Other duties as assigned by the NHASP Executive Board.